Seeds of thought

Lollipops Childcare Centre

When it came time to scope this façade we were faced with a challenge other companies weren’t even sure how to approach. Our mindset? First, we said yes – we’d find a way. Then we got to work ensuring this beautiful architectural design could be delivered on time and to budget

Homestead Group had a clear vision that we needed to bring to life for this remarkable construction at the Lollipops Childcare Centre in Paraparaumu. Their design was an artistic statement that needed diligent expertise in scoping, production and installation.

Resembling the branches of a great tree the façade, the design echoed the educational process that takes place here, where seeds of thought are carefully cultivated to ensure strong roots and healthy results.

It’s true of the young minds within the centre, and was true for how we approached the project. We needed to think creatively and dig deep, to provide diligent support and grow our expertise to ensure the design could reach the heights.

Jumping on this creative project our team managed to appropriately engineer the metalwork in its branching style. We constructed this in large sections to accommodate hassle-free installation.

The result is striking and evocative – the building now has a unique personality that has enchanted both young and old.

In addition to this wonderful façade we also supplied security fencing for the centre. Designed to leave an unhindered view of the reserve and walking track beyond, this fencing creates a feeling of openness in the outdoors area while still performing the vital job of protecting the children playing within.