The perfect cut

Premier Beehive Offices


When it comes to bold designs and new approaches the journey from concept to completion can be a complex one. However with the right tools and the right people nothing is impossible.

It was no surprise when the Colossus office turned into a hive of activity after our initial meeting with DLA Architects.

We had worked with the innovative architecture firm previously and knew of their unrelenting focus on a quality result for their clients. So when they approached us with the concept design for the new Premier Beehive office building in Carterton we knew everything needed to be millimetre perfect with our response.

DLA wanted the façade design to replicate Premier Beehive’s distinctive branding – one recognisable to every lovers of delicious bacon and ham throughout New Zealand. While the construction needed to be absolutely robust the aesthetic was minimalist in many ways – and the façade could not be too heavy either. It was the perfect opportunity to prove the benefits of aluminium in design and construction.

DLA were impressed by our willingness to step up and problem solve, turning a design sketch into a physical reality. We designed, engineered, fabricated and installed this lightweight bespoke façade, ensuring every step along the way was well measured.

That meant using BIM modelling to highlight the whole façade and any potential buildability issues. The model was then structurally tested and wind mapped to highlight areas of louver deflection caused from the nor-westers that will occasionally batter the Wairarapa.

The use of this BIM modelling ensured the fabrication of this intricate design could be quickly carried out and, on site, that the façade could efficiently click together as planned.

This is not the type of project that’s undertaken every day. However with our expertise and the technological can-do we enabled everything to be quickly designed, engineered, fabricated, powder coated and installed. We celebrated the final result in the best way possible – with a great bacon butty.