The façade of a building goes beyond the walls of the individual construction to shape the wider landscape around it. It is the combination of dynamic colour and vibrant design that must stand out and fit in. It is a unique creative vision made solid and enduring.

With our state-of-the-art aluminium fabrication plant and an innovative team of designers and engineers we can deliver design innovation and fabrication capability and, with installation expertise, ensure everything clicks together for a picture-perfect finish.

We’re proud of the innovation we’ve led and the results we’ve delivered over the years. The team at Colossus are passionate about helping our clients deliver their creative vision. We work hard to ensure every façade is delivered on time and to budget.

However such forward thinking will never jeopardise our pragmatic approach to getting things done for our clients. We won’t go chasing half-planned ideas or offer half-baked solutions for short-term gain.

Decades from now we must be able to look back on our efforts today with pride.

That’s because our work will be seen and used for generations to come. Decades from now we must be able to look back on our efforts today with pride.

So we take a no-compromises approach to our work. Our facades must match the vision of the architect and meet the demands from the building and it’s occupants, the surrounding community and environment. If we think that we can’t provide a result in keeping with the plan we’ll decline the project.

It could be seen as overly exacting. But our work on some of New Zealand’s most striking and unique buildings is testament to the efficacy of this approach. Delivering big, bold and beautiful buildings is not for the timid. You must stand tall – and step forward with confidence.

A part of the landscape

Wellington Airport Carpark Building

The Wellington Airport carpark building is big, bold and beautiful.

It’s also taken a major effort to get from the initial design into the build.

We stepped up to the build at early stage to ensure the project could get off to a flying start.

Seeds of thought

Lollipops Childcare Centre

When it came time to scope this façade we were faced with a challenge other companies weren’t even sure how to approach. Our mindset? First, we said yes – we’d find a way. Then we got to work ensuring this beautiful architectural design could be delivered on time and to budget.

Sea change

Lyall Bay Surf Club

Wellington’s Lyall Bay is a popular destination for locals, surfers and tourists. However the old clubrooms at the beach, originally built in the 1950s, desperately needed an update. Opened late in 2017, the new facility is making waves with its design and operational quality.

The perfect cut

Premier Beehive Offices

When it comes to bold designs and new approaches the journey from concept to completion can be a complex one. However with the right tools and the right people nothing is impossible.